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Latest update: 21st February 2017

Photo Competition Closing Date Extended

The deadline to submit entries for the YHA Bushwalking 2016 Photo Competition has been extended to 31st March 2017. This is in response to a only a small number of entries being received prior to the original closing date, coupled with feedback from quite a few members that they weren't aware of or reminded about the competition. A panel from 'Wild' magazine was also unavailable at the time to judge the competition, so it has been decided to accept further entries.

Note that although photos can now be entered up until Friday 31st March 2017, they must still have been taken between 1st November 2015 and 14th November 2016, the original eligibility period of the competition. (Don't worry if you've got some fantastic pictures after Nov 2016, they will be able to be included in our next competition).

There are a number of categories that prizes will be awarded for (eg Landscape, People, Wildlife). Download the Photo Comp information sheet for full terms & conditions and how to enter.

Autumn Clubnights: Great Gold Walk (Victoria) & Apu Ausangate (Peru)

Great Gold Walk (Monday 6th March)

For those interested in long-distance walking by day, but without roughing it overnight, the newly created Great Gold Walk could be for you. The Great Dividing Trail (GDT) walk was set up nearly 20 years ago, linking the major towns of Victoria’s Goldfields region north west of Melbourne. It features fine views, plenty of historical interest and a route that isn’t overly strenuous, but its potential is still languishing while newer treks such as the Great Ocean Walk find their way onto lists of the world’s best hikes. The reason: a lack of facilities for camping or other services to support those wanting to do more than a section or two as a day walk.

Jeff Floyd, our guest speaker for March sought to redress this by establishing a walk modelled along the popular ones of Europe and the USA that provide accommodation, baggage transfer and transport booking services along the route. A former CEO of Parks Victoria and Tourism Victoria, Jeff felt that the government agencies were lacking when it came to creating experiences that appeal to the international walking market and so went about it himself. Roughly following the GDT route between Ballarat and Bendigo, the 13-day Great Gold Walk will be officially launched in April 2017. Find out more about the story behind it, Clubnight Monday 6th March.

Camino del Apu Ausangate (Monday 3rd April)

April’s Clubnight feature presentation is of a five day trek in the Andes of Southern Peru during October 2016.  The talk includes a slideshow of the landscapes and wildlife encountered on the trail in the vicinity of Mount Ausangate which, at 6,372 m above sea level, is the highest mountain in the Cusco region of Peru.  The trail is located in the glaciated terrain of the Vilcanota Range of the Andes, with landforms including glaciers, moraines, glacial lakes and hanging valleys. The elevations of high passes climbed during the trek were up to 5,200 m.

Clubnights are held at the Celtic Club (second floor, corner Queen and Latrobe Sts, CBD). Presentations begin around 7.30pm, there is also an option to enjoy dinner beforehand in the ground floor bar. A table is reserved for YHA Bushwalking from 6pm, ordering a meal by 6.30pm allows sufficient time to finish before the presentation starts. For more details, please visit the Clubnight page.

Joining the YHA Bushwalking Mailing List

Anyone who's found themselves regularly participating in YHA Bushwalking activities is encouraged to join the club's mailing list. That way you'll receive a copy of the latest Walks Program and be kept informed of any changes or new events. The emailed Walks Program contains leaders' full contact details, enabling you to put your name down for popular events such as accommodated weekends before bookings open from our website.

The club uses a Yahoo! Group for its mailing list, and while changes by Yahoo! have made this less easy to manage than it used to be, the latest problems with joining up appear to have been fixed. To add yourself to the mailing list:

1) Submit your email address using the Subscribe page.
2) Shortly afterwards you should receive a reply from Yahoo! with instructions on how to confirm your membership.
3) After confirming (either by replying to Yahoo! or via a link included in the first email) you should receive a Welcome email from the YHA Bushwalking group. A copy of the current Walks Program is also supposed to be emailed, but of late this Yahoo! feature has been unreliable, so as an alternative the Welcome message contains a link to where a copy can be downloaded from.

If you attempt to join the mailing list but don't receive either the first or second response, please contact us at help@yhabush.org.au. Yahoo! doesn't allow us to add members directly to the mail group, but we can send an invitation; this usually seems to work, just remember that you must reply to the invitation to confirm your membership.


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